"For all things Equestrian in Kerry since 2001"

Freetext "HORSE" to 50050 to hear it from the horses mouth..

Here at Tralee Equestrian Centre, our four legged team are our family, we are lucky to have such a fantastic team of horses and ponies to help!

Some have been with us from the beginning, and some we are very proud to have produced along the way!

Each of our gang is special in their own way, we'll let them introduce themselves, look out! you might spot your favourite in here somewhere! 

Dipsy : Hi my name is Dipsy! I'm one of the littlest

ponies here at TEC! I'm also the oldest pony here. I can be a bit of a rogue, but my favourite job is helping to teach our littlest riders their ups and downs! (I'm also really really good at pony games!)

Jingles : Hi my name is Jinglebells (You can call me Jingles!) I'm a little bit taller than Dipsy, and I love teaching our smaller riders how to steer and jump! I can be a little bit sleepy but if you give me a carrot I'll do what ever you ask!

Dora : Hi my name is Dora! Everyone calls me DD! I'm everyone's favourite pony at TEC! I love to canter and play games and my favourite thing is to jump jump jump! I don't like hugs, but I do love polo mints!

Teddy : Hi! My name is Teddy Bear because I am so cuddly! I am a speedy Gonzales and love to jump! I am the bestest Trekking pony in Kerry, and I love to take little people around the pretty mountains! My strong feet and hairy legs keep me nice and dry all winter long!

Peter : HI! I'm Peter Pan! Rachel always says I'm "The man with a plan!" Some people call me cheater Peter because I'm a little bit lazy! Dipsy and I have been at TEC longer than any other ponies - so we know how to do everything! I love the beach, and am the only pony here with one blue eye - I think that makes me the best!

Annie : Hi, I'm Annie! I'm a 15hh cob, I'm the prettiest horse here, and even though I am tall, I love giving smaller people a spin because I am so comfy! I am the perfect horse to get back into riding on as I take my time and am very gentle! Come say hello!

Oreo : Hi! My name is Oreo - I am Rachel's favourite (just don't tell the others!) I have been at TEC for almost three years now, and I was trained by the girls! I was a bit of a scaredy cat when I arrived first, but nothing scares me anymore! Sometimes I even have a snooze during the lessons!

Jake : Hi! My name is Jake! Everyone calls me Jaffa Jake! I joined the team three years ago! If you love jumping and going fast on the beach, I'm your man! I also do some beginner lessons and because I am so smooth I am the perfect horse to help you learn how to canter!  

Duffy : Hi! My name is Duffy! The guys say if I was a person I would definitely be George Clooney because I am so handsome and all the girls love me! I am the biggest horse in the riding school - but don't let that put you off! I like all kinds of riders, and I'll go as slow or as fast as you'd like me too! The next time you come to the stables - bring me something nice and I'll show you my smile!

Molly : Hi my name is Molly! Everyone calls me Molleroo! I am the youngest pony on the team - I just turned 6! but don't worry, I'm very sensible for my age! Like Oreo, I was trained by the girls here at TEC and I do all kinds of lessons! I have a lovely bouncy trot to help you get your ups and downs just right!

Beth : Hi there! My name is Beth! I am a Welsh Cross Pony and like Dipsy and Peter I've spent many years at TEC! I'm an older lady - (I'll let you guess, it's rude to ask a lady her age!) I'm semi-retired and only do a few lessons a week! I love to jump and trek and I'm always ready to go! I live with my better half - Fred, and we're enjoying an easy life these days! 

Pongo : I see we're saving the best until last! My name is Pongo, I'm the cheekiest of them all! I am a rescue pony so you'll have to forgive me, I can be a little bit cheeky but I love getting dressed up and leading the Tralee St. Patricks Day Parade! (Even if it takes forever to get the green out of my mane!)